Sunday, 23 June 2013

National Road Race Championships Glasgow 2013: Cav Wins!

The men’s race proved hard going for most of the 160 riders that started, with the selection being made very early.

Work horse Stannard and Fenn got away together and were such a danger for the title it forced an elite group of Cavendish, Miller, Kennaugh and swift to chase and that’s how it stayed for much of the race. Eventually these two groups merged before a being whittled down to four with the dropping of Swift and Fenn.

As they enter the final stages it's disaster for Stannard when he punctures. Sportsmanship prevails and they allow him back on with one lap remaining.

Kennaugh is dropped as Cavendish attacks on an uphill section (Cavendish is flying!) With the finish in sight all four come back together, then it's Miller's bid for glory. He gains a few seconds but it’s not enough to hold off a determined Cavendish who wins with meters to spare. A terrific race and great result.

Can't wait for the start of TDF next week.

1st    Mark Cavendish
2nd    Ian Stannard
3rd    David Millar
4th    Peter Kennaugh
5th    Luke Rowe

British Cycling report here...

For all those in Glasgow who are in touch with their Inner Tube

Women's and men's road races today in the fabulous city of Glasgow where, we know, everyone is in touch with their inner tube.

Both men's and women's races have outstanding lists of competitors so it's going to be a great day of racing... wish I was there. The next best thing is to go to British Cycling website for results and information.

Women's results: Wow what a tough race!

Lizzie Armistead broke away from Dani King and Laura Trott on the final lap to win with a clear half minute lead. Trott and King sprinted it out for a close silver and bronze. Jo Rowsell chased powerfully to catch and pass Emma Trott, who did a great job for Lizzie.

The race splintered all over the shop due to the world class standard (lots of our top home girls are amateurs) so they're competing well outside their comfort zone (comfort in relation to bike racing is probably inappropriate). All riders who finished in the bunch did well.

Congrats all round.

1st   Lizzie Armistead
2nd  Laura Trott
3rd   Dani King
4th   Jo Rowsell (2013 Time Trial Champ)
5th   Emma Trott (Laura's sister, Lizzie's team mate)

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Eltham John: The Day I Got My New Road Bike Was The Best Day Of My Life...

...alright, I might be exaggerating a bit and it's been a long time coming but it is quite nice having a new road bike. It's not too flashy, has some new-fangled 21st Century technology and my gear ratios are all to pot (which I'm sure I'll get used to in time) but it's an alloy frame with carbon forks so a fairly light and smooth ride for a training bike.

We've just returned from the Gravesend Cyclopark (a terrific place, especially for kids) where I had a good ride with my grandson JC. He had great fun joining in with his club at the park doing all sorts of skills and practice races, then after a bite to eat I joined him for a few laps. We practised doing "through and off" or as we older generation would say "bit and bit", which was made quite difficult due to high cross winds, which whip across the whole course. It's great to see JC improving his bike handling skills all the time and loving his riding.

my first complete new bike in 50 years

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Badly Documented World Championships 1983: Swiss Police Applaud

Copyright Love Yellow 2013

Switzerland, September, 1983. A single photo can capture a great moment, unfortunately this one focuses on the local police who have managed to obtain the best viewing position, where they can casually watch along the finishing straight without straining their necks or taking their hands off their hips, unless they're applauding.

It is Greg LeMond approaching the finish line to win on the 4th September 1983 at the World Road Race Championships. He appears to be raising both arms in a victory salute, which we would have been able to see if the giant in the cream hat had refused to applaud. One thing that is clear, CocaCola were definitely the sponsors.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

THE JUVENILE CYCLIST: The day I got my road bike...

The day I got my road bike was the finest day of my life in 2012.

The very first race that I took part in was a couple of sprints and one big ride, I was in group A as were all of the small people. I came third to last but it was a grate triumph for me as it was my first race.

The other races were one team sprint and an individual sprint I was with another three boys from the Howards school I’m pretty sure we beat the other four it was hard to tell. I came first in the individual sprint, it was fantastic it was the very first race that I won, but I owe thanks to my aunt, uncle and grandad for training me and my bike for not giving out on me. (JC)

Posted by JC

Our New Guest Blogger - JC

Love Yellow would like to welcome our new guest Blogger 'The Juvenile Cyclist' who is, you've guessed it, a juvenile cyclist!

(For short I'll call him JC). JC was inspired by last year's Olympics when he came along with us to the Olympic Time Trial, which was mega exciting... he's never been the same since.

Welcome aboard The Juvenile Cyclist! (JC for short)