Sunday, 23 June 2013

For all those in Glasgow who are in touch with their Inner Tube

Women's and men's road races today in the fabulous city of Glasgow where, we know, everyone is in touch with their inner tube.

Both men's and women's races have outstanding lists of competitors so it's going to be a great day of racing... wish I was there. The next best thing is to go to British Cycling website for results and information.

Women's results: Wow what a tough race!

Lizzie Armistead broke away from Dani King and Laura Trott on the final lap to win with a clear half minute lead. Trott and King sprinted it out for a close silver and bronze. Jo Rowsell chased powerfully to catch and pass Emma Trott, who did a great job for Lizzie.

The race splintered all over the shop due to the world class standard (lots of our top home girls are amateurs) so they're competing well outside their comfort zone (comfort in relation to bike racing is probably inappropriate). All riders who finished in the bunch did well.

Congrats all round.

1st   Lizzie Armistead
2nd  Laura Trott
3rd   Dani King
4th   Jo Rowsell (2013 Time Trial Champ)
5th   Emma Trott (Laura's sister, Lizzie's team mate)

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