Thursday, 30 October 2014

Love Yellow's cards in Paperchase

Our cards have just launched in the Paperchase store in Tottenham Court Road, London. It's nice to be in such good company, there are some hilarious cards and a few other nice bits and pieces on show… as well as tasty cakes and coffee upstairs…

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cyclist Rhyming Slang Greeting Cards

Check out our new bold and brightly coloured Cyclist Rhyming Slang designs… here are the cards. In Love Yellow's online shop.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Magic Time Trials

Some years ago, when I was approaching middle age (or was it nearing 65?) I rode a club evening 10 mile time trial which to me at the time was absolute magic. It was a time when everything came together in perfect unison.

I had just had a good uninterrupted few weeks training, the event was being held on the fastest local course and the weather conditions could not have been better. I remember that I arrived at the start early and did a proper warm up on the turbo trainer. The actual ride went off without a hitch, everything was just right. It was in fact my magic time trial, and to cap it all the ride meant that I had broken the club veterans 10 mile record. 

But that is just my small scale personal story. Since that time I have been lucky to witness three absolutely magic time trials all ridden by one man. That man is Sir Bradley Wiggins. The three rides were the final time trial in the 2012 Tour de France, the time trial in the 2012 Olympics and last and by no means least the 2014 World Time Trial Championship.

I had the extra pleasure of being at the roadside for two of them and the third I watched on the T.V. but on all three occasions as soon as he rolled down the ramp it was impossible not to realise that Brad was doing a Magic Time Trial.

At the T de F the anticipation of Brad's arrival was coped with by taking our own time checks on the top seeded riders and by eating some gorgeous french pastries which we purchased in the local village boulangerie and although this was extremely enjoyable the arrival of our top man hurtling by in the famous aerodynamic position beat the pleasure of the cakes into a "cocked hat".

At the Olympics the excitement generated by the crowd made waiting for the now world superstar "Wiggo" almost unbearable and the incredible noise of the spectators as he swept by in majestic style was something that no one could possibly forget.

My view of this years World's was only on the 'box' but the pleasure here was being able to see more of the superb style, effort and pace judgement and the demonstration of how a time trial should be ridden. Even in the first few metres on leaving the starting ramp it was evident that the man in the Sky skin suit was flying (and in all probability out to prove a point to some of his doubters). At no time when the camera tracked him did there seem to be any doubt of what the final result would be.

To me (and I suspect to many others) all three rides can be described in two words.

JUST PERFECT! (or even one word "MAGIC").

My problem now, is that my personal magic ride is now in my memory as just another good evening club event and can in no way be described as magic.