Sunday, 23 June 2013

National Road Race Championships Glasgow 2013: Cav Wins!

The men’s race proved hard going for most of the 160 riders that started, with the selection being made very early.

Work horse Stannard and Fenn got away together and were such a danger for the title it forced an elite group of Cavendish, Miller, Kennaugh and swift to chase and that’s how it stayed for much of the race. Eventually these two groups merged before a being whittled down to four with the dropping of Swift and Fenn.

As they enter the final stages it's disaster for Stannard when he punctures. Sportsmanship prevails and they allow him back on with one lap remaining.

Kennaugh is dropped as Cavendish attacks on an uphill section (Cavendish is flying!) With the finish in sight all four come back together, then it's Miller's bid for glory. He gains a few seconds but it’s not enough to hold off a determined Cavendish who wins with meters to spare. A terrific race and great result.

Can't wait for the start of TDF next week.

1st    Mark Cavendish
2nd    Ian Stannard
3rd    David Millar
4th    Peter Kennaugh
5th    Luke Rowe

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