Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Super Foods: I never attempt a training ride without the aid of a banana

If you look up the word nutrition in the dictionary it says: The process of providing and receiving nourishing substances. The first of those substances I’d like to talk about is Chocolate.

I used to think Banana Power Bars actually tasted good rather than of cardboard, which they do, and were a treat (!) but nowadays and for any length of ride I’d recommend a square of chocolate before, during and after (a big square – the chocolate equivalent of a doorstep - of lovely stuff not the cheap rubbish). I am now most definitely not training in the conventional sense, i.e. for racing, going fast or really getting out of breath too much, so can freely advocate that chocolate is a fantastic food that can be enjoyed as part of a training programme.

Five A Day Super Foods Pie Chart by Fuzzywork Illustration 2013

The Jelly Baby is a Delicious Fruit that though eaten sparingly can be slipped into your back pocket and slipped into the mouth when necessary throughout your ride.

I never ever used to attempt a training ride without the aid of a banana. Make sure it is in peak condition as overripe it can be a nasty experience in the mouth, hand, pocket and washing machine if you forget to take it out. Having said that I was once able to mend a puncture with one once – on that occasion a less ripe banana might not have had the same adhesive qualities.

KitKat. Strictly speaking this is another form of chocolate (in the loose sense) but does contain a bit of roughage in the form of wafer. Why would I advocate KitKat as one of my super-foods?… It’s nice.

You can breath a sigh of relief… Bread Pudding. It’s got everything! It’s solid yet runny and saves your digestive system a hell of a lot of work as it wends its way along, if you know what I mean.

I hope this nutritional advice has been useful. There are plenty of fabulous Gels and special formulated bars and drinks on the market these days, but to be honest they’re not very nice.