Monday, 12 August 2013

My Badly Documented Cycling Career: Winning / Losing / Somewhere

Another sort out of the desk and I continue to uncover these wonderful photographs.

I was hoping to find a picture of me crossing a finishing line, arms thrust aloft accepting the plaudits of an admiring crowd (I’m sure that’s how it really was), so with great sadness I share this disappointing offering.

Winning a race, somewhere...

Apparently this is me winning a race in Kent; yes it is a bunch race! Note the lack of celebration equalled only by the lack of audience. Racing back then really kept my ego in check.

Below is a photo of something happening, I believe this to be somewhere on the Ashdown Forest showing me attacking my breakaway companions. Admittedly you can’t see it’s me and I have to confess I have never won a race on the Ashdown Forest so as a tactical move it can’t have amounted to much.

Something happening in a race, somewhere..