Monday, 1 July 2013

Eltham John in disguise... and sitting in

With the current good weather I am getting used to my new Triban 7 bike and even at my advanced age am managing to sort out what gear to use when the road gradient changes.

At the time of buying the bike I was persuaded to purchase a hard helmet so that I can ride with 'J.C.' at the Cyclo Park. This has gained me an unexpected bonus, as with the helmet, new bike and dark glasses riders catching me up whilst riding around the local lanes no longer speed by but actually allow me to 'sit in' (or Draft - as I now call it).

I can only assume that my new disguise is hiding my true age and I am being accepted as a proper rider after years of being treated as an 'Old Fool' who should have been sat at home in my rocking chair!

A heavily disguised Eltham John

There is just one thing I must remember, I must not make the mistake of entering myself for Le Tour.