Friday, 12 October 2012

Family Album circa 1950

A 4000 metre pursuit at Herne Hill. I would love to know who made that number and from what cardboard box it was cut?

Notice the areo position and flat back (of uncle Bernard) despite a frame made for a giant. What you can’t see is the smooth pedalling action, which he and his brother possessed. Unfortunately, as the years passed smooth pedalling became drag-strip grinding on a 108 inch gear and knees became a thing of wonder to be enjoyed for their weight bearing and bending capacity, retrospectively.

There's a doubled-up cog on the back wheel probably so he could ride the bike home, as nearly all Monday Comp-ers would have done (no one had a car in those days, everyone rode fixed wheel all the time – funny how these trends come back around). Most would also have fitted a front brake for the road, as is the law… and probably a bell.

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