Sunday, 14 October 2012

Campag-nology: The Art & Science of Bicycle Bell Ringing

Campanology, or rather Campag-nology is the art of bicycle bell ringing. In 1957 bicycle bell ringing was not only an art but a compulsory skill and were fitted to all roadworthy bikes whether you were time trialing or just out for a club run, as were flat caps (I'll be covering flat caps and 'how they developed into the modern aero helmet' at a later date).

Uncle Bernard is modeling the latest bicycle bell, which at the time was the lightest stripped down racing model, possibly with a (no-weight) silent ring, named The Victory. It was an alloy shell with a spring-pinger, which once fitted was never really as effective as a firm shout.

I hoped you've enjoyed this modest journey back in time. Next week I'll look at how people used to pump up their tyres - before air was freely available. Cheerio.

Posted by Love Yellow