Monday, 22 October 2012

Classic Cycling Item 1: Big Suisse Bell

Large Swiss Bell
Large Swiss dangler, close up

We all know road racing is really about the spectators... Anyone who has ever been to a Cycling World Championship will know everyone (it's a stipulation) has these bells and they make an ear-splitting din with them up the climbs.

The bell above was purchased at the 1983 Swiss World's - Women's road race: Gold - Marianne Berglund, Silver - Rebecca Twigg, Bronze - Maria Canins. Men's road race: Gold - Greg LeMond, Silver - Adri van der Poel, Bronze - Stephen Roche.

When the World Champ's is in the 'land of Suisse' then it's the law that each spectator has at least two... or one very large one, which is carried around by a group of men (usually short and fat) and waved at anyone who looks in it's general direction.

Suisse spectators with over-sized bells (source: Suisse Olympic website)
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