Friday, 26 October 2012

A Poorly Documented Cycling Career: Part 2

Poorly documented time trial photo. 

More lamentable pictures, here I am shown in time trial mode. All the essentials of the photographers craft are exhibited here, the subject well centred in the frame. Despite bright weather the dullness of the English time trial scene has been captured in a landscape devoid of interest making it easily identifiable as Kent or Essex or Cambridgeshire or ……anywhere else flat. Do I really miss those 6am starts?

Distant bunch race Herne Hill.

Its not all time trials as can be witnessed by this gem from the velodrome, the Good Friday meet at Herne Hill to be prescise. Although as a photo record of me it continues in failing to identify me (I am there in the bunch) it does work as a record of this venue in the early 1980’s. Note the old tarmac surface, and it seems well attended (there wasn’t the public interest back then, cyclists must have had larger families in those days).

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