Monday, 24 August 2015

Give us a Brake!

Am I on my own when I think that the disc brakes that that the cycle trade are trying to get the Pro Peloton to use, look both ugly and dangerous. So far the only criticism I have read, refers to the possibility of braking speeds being quicker than callipers and thereby causing crashes as riders stopping distances are varied. Surely riders have never always stopped at the same rate so this comment is just a red herring.

However not only do discs spoil the look of otherwise stylish wheels and hubs but they also appear to have sharp edges which in the event of a crash could cause quite nasty gashes in any exposed soft tissue.

Calliper brakes look just fine, work perfectly well when properly adjusted and as far as I am aware have never cause any major injuries.

Please lets have a campaign to get this rather stupid development sent to the scrap heap where it so obviously belongs and let it become just another failed sales gimmick or at the best be the chosen method of stopping by off-roaders who wear the appropriate protective clothing.

Treasures from the past starring two Weiman brake shoes and barely worn blocks

More valuables that an 80 year old cyclist will probably never use again (but what beautiful red brake blocks) 
I am not really against progress but I still have several pairs of perfectly usable brake blocks (purchased sometime in the 1970's) which with most of my other out of date equipment I am not prepared to "dustbin".