Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Healthy Interest or Obsession

Dusting a bookcase I happened to notice that books with a cycling content are gradually taking over a complete shelf.

This may not seem unusual to the modern day cyclist but to a person of my age (really old) I can assure you that the great variety of good cycling literature (in English) is in fact a recent phenomenon. In the past our knowledge of how the top riders developed, lived and trained was gleaned from short and incomplete articles in the few cycling magazines that were available. However on my bookshelf I now have chapter and verse of the lives of several of the top riders in the last decade - even if some have omitted to tell the whole truth or even half the truth. Having watched some of the events that are described sometimes in great detail it is interesting to reflect on my perception of what was happening at the time and what was actually going on. I feel that for years my view was that all the riders were super human and had no feelings other than the obvious pain in their legs.

But now rumour has, in some cases, been cast wide open and we all have more in depth knowledge I have to know more… hence my interest

It is now almost impossible to visit a bookshop without discovering some new cycling tome. This of course greatly appreciated by me but I am now beginning to wonder if my purchases can be described as a healthy interest or should more properly seen as some sort of cycling related obsession?