Monday, 23 September 2013

Love Yellow's: Cycling Glossary

It's important to know the lingo...

Sitting In there's nothing wrong with Sitting In despite what others might tell you, or say about you behind your back.  Some people are so skilled at Sitting In they can do their whole Sunday ride without having a hair blown out of place. There are times when Sitting In is perfectly acceptable, i.e. you are too worn out to go on the front, you are twelve years old or it is accepted that you are really lazy. Use: she had a free ride the whole time sitting in then out sprinted me at the end! 

Blowing Up (knacker-d) when you only just make it home you have Blown Up. When the last 30 k is made in a fog of pain you have Blown Up. When your eyes can only see the wheel directly in front... then it drifts away up the road you have Blown Up. Use: Chris Froome should have a special pocket the exact size of A Gel sewn into his jersey in case he blows up, again.