Friday, 30 August 2013

Sitting on Yates's Wheel...

Warming up on Yates wheel, Leicester Track. Copyright Love Yellow 2013

Funny what the passage of time allows you to forget... this is me and my team mate sat on the wheel of Sean Yates. I think I was warming up for the 20K Scratch (won by Chris Newton looking about 12 years old) but if my memory serves me correctly Sean was warming up to compete in a pursuit match against Francesco Moser, the new hour record holder. Moser was also on the Leicester track warming up and I remember daring to sit on the great man's impeccably smooth over-sized back wheel.

Francesco Moser, Leicester Track. Copyright Love Yellow 2013

As to the result of the pursuit match, again I have no memory but I do recall a heated discussion afterwards in the changing room between Moser and his Italian minders, suited and booted (Sopranos style). I don't speak Italian but I reckon there was controversy over that disc wheel, that or appearance fees.