Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bicycle Pump: Most Important Piece of Kit

Making good progress with the new bike but I have had an unexpected problem. Because of the frame shape of my new bike I have been unable to carry my old pump on the frame. Obvious solution, buy a minute but perfectly formed pump to carry in jersey pocket. Problem solved.

Trying to get out on the bike between rain showers, and with the untidy state of my garage (plus less than perfect eyesight) I could not find the new pump anywhere. You know what it's like... when it might rain any minute... and you need to get out on your bike -

I went out without the pump.

slightly untidy garage

Sods Law about eleven miles away from home the rear tyre deflated. Typically I was unable to get a signal on my mobile to ring my wife. While trying to make up my mind what to do I got on and changed the puncture. Amazing enough just as I got the tyre back on a friendly cyclist stopped and loaned me his pump. After my heartfelt thanks he proceeded on his way. Problem solved?

I set off for home feeling quite pleased with myself having overcome my little bit of trouble. I had ridden about half a mile when I realised that the back wheel was not riding as smooth as it should. To my dismay I saw that because the replacement tube had a short valve it had not seated correctly and the tyre was lifting off the rim. No option but to let some of the air out and lower the pressure to stop it blowing. All I had to do now was ride out of the saddle to prevent the rim from being ruined.

New pump now installed on new bike

Pleased to say that I managed the journey home but I now know that it takes several days for 78 year old legs to recover from eleven miles of "Honking".