Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Short film: Roller Race - Now And Then

Shame there's not more on Eddie talking but he does give some nice insights. Sadly he's no longer with us. Everyone in the cycling world down south knew Eddie, he was one of those stalwart officials who keep racing going and seemed to be present at every race. From a rider point of view he could be a bit on the grumpy side and was known for disqualifying people for taking their hands off the bars in the sprint... so you had to stay on his good side.

British Cycling President, Brian Cookson OBE said: “Eddie Wingrave was a wonderful servant of the sport at so many levels and epitomised the qualities of dedication and selflessness upon which the sport is so reliant. His career in cycling, cycle racing and officiating at many levels spanned almost 80 years and his passing truly marks the end of an era for London cycling in particular and for British cycling as a whole.”