Saturday, 9 February 2013

Can you take a horse to water?

Post Armstrong, commentators seem to agree a need for cycling to move on.  "Hallelujah" we cry!  Let's not continue with the endless finger pointing, anyone can make a mistake, and it would seem so many have. Furthermore, in the wake of the British beef-burger/horse meat scandal, I am prepared to fully accept Contador's tall tale of contaminated meat and hope for some sort of cleansing movement myself.

I had expected some insight into what's really going on now that Operacion Peurto has commenced in the Spanish courts but it would seem that one week on there is a near total media blackout - nothing.  Good news for all the non cycling sports involved!

"That was not the true depth of the scandal, though, with Fuentes admitting that he had clients from a range of professional sports.

Manzano backed this up, while International Cycling Union (UCI) president Pat McQuaid said in 2008 that he was told Fuentes had clients from football, tennis, athletics and swimming.

Allegations soon emerged of links to Spanish football giants Barcelona and Real Madrid and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal - all vehemently denied - but Fuentes refused to reveal the identities behind the remaining codenames. Which brings us back to today." (Sky Sports Report January 31, 2013)

So I've learnt; you can take a horse to water but don't make it into a contaminated beef burger, it shouldn't enhance performance, but if it does don't shout about it.