Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Racing Tales: False Teeth or not False Teeth..

It is not in my nature to be controversial but I want to know why there is no mention in any training manual or racing advice books where older riders are told to remove their dentures before riding.

Whilst the weight saving is not great, in these days of marginal gains every little counts and this could provide the aged veteran with just that little extra edge.

One other point that must be made is that when making a full effort with mouth wide open it is possible that the said teeth could shoot out and  time could be lost in a stop and search exercise.

Having said that I can recall back in the late 1970's that a rider from the Folkestone and District Wheelers who lost his teeth on the climb up from Chilham to Ashford carried on regardless and then enlisted the help of his club mates after the event to return to the scene of his loss to effect their successful recovery.

So remember my motto "If in doubt, take them out".