Friday, 18 January 2013

Nicole Cooke's Retirement

I remember when Nicole Cooke was out on the continent battling, virtually on her own, in the very obstreperous world of professional cycling. That she survived and rose to the top is a tremendous achievement - not for the faint hearted.

It's a shame she has retired fairly early by all accounts, but completely understandable. The statement she released outlines her struggle from age 12, with the total backing of her father, to be simply included in what was then BCF races and championships.  One shocking revelation is that as she prepared to defend her title at the Olympics her wages were not being paid! All this after a few difficult years... (Always good to remember that as mere onlookers we see only a small part of the iceberg!)

It's a long well written statement that touches on many pertinent areas of the sport. She's a courageous person who has definitely paved the way for the British women out there now (and suffered personally for it). The very best of luck to her.

Read the whole thing here on her website.....

Posted by Love Yellow