Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Very Badly Documented Cycling Career: Part 3

Another nondescript photo.

Another gem from my personal cycling archive, these two I’m told are from a road race during the Harrogate cycling week. It’s a technical descent at speed and seems to have induced fear in the photographer, causing them to fire off the shot just 2 or 3 seconds too early. Nice record of street furniture and the telephone system in that part of the country, but as usual absolutely no detail of any riders in particular me. I’m in the picture and can’t even begin to pick myself out.

Now I take this opportunity to up the badness stakes, this is later on in the same race in Yorkshire. A steady climb up through a small town. All the time in the world, no need to panic, just position yourself nicely on the climb, get the bunch in your view finder, pick out your target (me) and snap, easy.
Anticipating some cycling.

But what’s this, not a single rider in sight. There is a motorbike bottom left which may be connected with the race control but no one can be 100% sure. Anyway Yorkshire looks as lovely as ever, might turn to rain later, now rain in Yorkshire that’s something I actually remember.

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