Monday, 22 October 2012

My Badly Documented Cycling Career

Am I alone in having such a poor record of my cycling exploits? Having ridden my first race aged 10 (a cyclo cross against senior riders including the national champion at the time Keith Mernickle) my memory allows for me only to recall the freezing temperature, an unbelievably heavy bike and being lapped constantly.
Badly documented cycling career photo 1 (Tonbridge bypass)

No photographic evidence of this event or any other exists. At the age of 13 this high definition photo taken by a family member is of me riding a time trial on the Tonbridge bypass. I can only assume I was going extremely fast as before the pic was taken I seem to be past and on my way out of shot. What promise!

Badly documented cycling career photo 2 (Eastway, London)

This next photo records my early road racing exploits. Here I am, still 13 coming up the finishing straight at Eastway circuit. From memory I guess I’ve been dropped again and going too slow to get in the frame (this photography lark’s not easy) but the close up of a complete stranger’s head, maybe where Head and Shoulders got the idea to use Mark Cavendish in their ads.

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